The most important aspect of a living room is lighting, and that can be done in several ways. Using functional lamps is essential, and making the most of natural light can help you create a spacious, open feel. Adding strategically placed mirrors will bounce light, and plants can also bring nature inside.

If you have a fireplace in the living room, make it the center of attention. Place a cozy couch around it. You can also hang a TV above it. You can also use an industrial or masculine coffee table to provide a modern look. A separate bar area is also an option for entertaining. According to interior designer Liz Walton, more clients are now asking for a separate bar in their living room, which is especially useful for entertaining. A wet bar is also a popular addition to a living room.

A modern Scandinavian living room with a wall of windows has a cool color palette that features white, gray, silver, and wood accents. This look is soothing and easy to the eye. It also includes an overstuffed white sectional, wood accents, and plants. Using a combination of neutral colors will help you create a room that is easy on the eye. The living room also features a vintage Danish modern armchair.

A neutral color scheme with some pops of color can create a unique look. A neutral color scheme is the perfect backdrop for the eclectic mix of modern and midcentury modern furniture. A sage green fireplace wall and sculptural decor can also give a modern living room a modern feel. Similarly, a modern midcentury feel can be achieved by using a midcentury modern wood slat wall and furniture in midcentury colors.

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