Get Your Home Ready for the Rainy Spring Weather

The old saying goes that April showers bring May flowers, but the truth is that spring rains happen throughout the season. Of course, these rains are beneficial to our lawns, plants, trees, and flowers, but they can also cause some serious problems for our homes and properties. This year, don’t take any chances when it comes to your home. Here are a few steps that you should take today to make sure that your home is really ready to face the wet spring weather.

The most important step that you must take to prepare for the spring rains is to make sure that your roof is in excellent condition. Even a small hole or leak in your roof can let in a large amount of water, which can cause serious problems such as black mold or mildew. These can even lead to dangerous health problems for you and your family! Call local roofing contractors st Charles county mo and find out about replacing or repairing your roof if you have any damage. Don’t try to do it yourself, which can be dangerous. Instead, find a pro to get the roofing job done right.

Next, check your gutters. If your gutters have any cracks in them, repair them right away. Replace your gutters if they have a number of cracks or other damage. Otherwise, if your gutters are in pretty good shape, just clean out all of the leaves and other debris that may have accumulated in them. If your gutters aren’t clean, they could overflow and cause water damage to your home’s foundation.

Finally, look around your yard for any signs of flooding or water damage. If you have trees, prune them to remove any damaged branches or anything that could hit your home or car in a storm. If you have areas with flooding, install a french drain to help the water move out more quickly. Or you could even build a rain garden to make the most of the wet weather!

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