Garden Maintenance Matters in All Seasons

If you have a home in Ohio, there is a good chance you have a decently sized yard to maintain. In locations like this midwestern state, there are four seasons that homeowners can look forward to. As such, yards and gardens come with some unique maintenance requirements.

For Ohio residents who live in the city, it might make sense to start your search for garden maintenance Cincinnati. Given the size of the metropolitan area, you are sure to find the services of some reputable professionals who can help you on your next outdoor project.

Summertime Maintenance

When you first start planning out your seasonal gardening agenda, summer might be the first season to come to mind. If so, you are not alone. Because the weather is so nice, it makes sense. In general, summer is great time to mulch beds, cut flowers and herbs and regularly fertilize fruits and vegetables.

Spring Cleaning Time

For cleaning up the remains of winter, spring is a welcoming season that many garden enthusiasts look forward to. It is the perfect time for removing old tree parts and clearing out broken and diseased branches.

Winter Maintenance

While your activity selection will be more limited during Ohio’s wintertime, you can still use the cold months to start prepping for the upcoming warmer seasons. For example, winter is a good time to order new seeds and go through any wintering bulbs to remove soft or rotten ones. 

Fall Harvest Time

Fall is the season that many farmers and plant lovers look forward to the most because it is when all of the hard work finally pays off. During this season, you can collect your harvest while also prepping cooler weather vegetables as you replace ready crops with new plants.  When many people think about gardening for the first time, they only consider the pleasant and sunny weather that is popular in garden catalogs. The truth is, garden maintenance is a year-long project that has requirements in every season.

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