Essential Kitchen Equipment For Your Restaurant Or Diner

Kitchen equipment refers to any tools, appliances and utensils that are used to prepare and cook food, from cutting boards to ovens. Achieve success for any restaurant or diner requires having access to the proper supplies in their kitchens.

Food pans are indispensable tools for baking, roasting and holding dishes until they’re time to be served. In addition, you will require kitchen spoons, meat grinders and more in your arsenal of essential items.

1. Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls often get overlooked in the kitchen, yet they serve an indispensable function. From mixing dough to marinating veggies for tomorrow’s lunch, mixing bowls are indispensable!

Discover dishwasher-safe plastic mixing bowls that are easy to use and clean, in various sizes that meet your individual needs. They nest into each other to take up minimal cabinet space.

Glass bowls can be used with hand mixers and feature non-slip bases to help them remain in their places while you stir. Furthermore, they come equipped with lids to keep food fresh for longer and heat resistant spouts to make pouring simpler.

2. Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers can be an indispensable addition to your kitchen, providing safekeeping for leftovers and prepped ingredients. Look for a collection that includes multiple sizes so as to meet the demands of your operation.

Consider purchasing rectangular container sets with molded handles to facilitate their easy handling and stacking in your fridge, freezer or pantry. This container type may also be known as food boxes, dough bins or ingredient bins.

Search for sets that come equipped with drain grates to keep your food fresh and crisp. These grates are specifically designed to fit in the bottom of food storage containers and allow airflow while protecting products and ingredients from taking on unwanted odors.

3. Meat Slicer

Be it wine and cheese night with friends or making sandwiches for your family, having a meat slicer in the kitchen can help speed up food prep time significantly. These machines cut a variety of food products such as vegetables and other meats quickly and efficiently.

Meat slicers utilize rotating blades that cut food as it passes over them on a carriage tray. Many machines provide an adjuster knob to customize the thickness of finished slices.

Find a meat slicer that’s easy to clean, with a stainless steel coating to prevent rust damage, as this will allow for greater longevity of use. While serrated blades are fine for casual use, they may rip certain kinds of meat and are harder to sharpen than straight edges.

4. Fish Turner

Fish spatulas may seem like overly specific kitchen tools, but they’re actually the ideal utensil for flipping anything from burgers to pancakes. Highly flexible but strong enough to support heavier foods like whole fish filets.

Our stainless steel flipping tool features a long, stainless steel head designed to easily slide beneath food for an efficient flip, with slots for draining grease as you transfer. Plus, its soft, comfortable handle makes for easy gripping. Great for all cookware types except nonstick. Dishwasher safe.

5. Peeler

Kitchen equipment can help keep your restaurant operating efficiently. From high-quality knives to reliable chopping boards, having the proper tools at your fingertips can save both time and money in food prep.

With new kitchen gadgets coming out all of the time, it can be challenging to know which kitchen essentials work effectively. Ditch those one-trick pony melon ballers and garlic presses that only do one task; here are the basic items every kitchen must possess.

6. Whisk

Whisks are essential kitchen tools, used to stir, beat or incorporate air into ingredients (such as egg whites) in order to produce fluffy results. Every chef relies on them.

Whisks come in all sizes and shapes depending on their intended use, from balloon whisks with wide teardrop loops of wire loops to French whisks that feature longer and narrower profiles that suit deep pans, to flat whisks arranged in an ideal pattern that works in shallow pans like skillets.

Look for a spring whisk that can wiggle back and forth when whisking, as this can help reach into corners of the pan when creating sauce or roux.

7. Tongs

Tongs are an indispensable kitchen utensil for lifting anything from pasta to grilled meat with ease and creating visually appealing presentations of foods.

Plating tongs resemble larger tweezers in their use for food placement precision and should be a must-have in any fine dining environment.

Scissor tongs are long and feature two-piece construction similar to scissors. They’re great for retrieving items out of boiling pots of water or handling large foods such as ribs. Many models also include an anti-come apart mechanism so the handles don’t come apart accidentally while using.

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