Avoiding E-Waste in Computer Disposal

Computers and related electronics have a limited useful life, after which they are no longer supported by the manufacturer and become obsolete. Here, you may learn about computer disposal options, e-waste damages, and recycling.

Disposal Options

Once you feel ready to dispose of your computer, you may want to think through your options. Upgrading, rebuilding, repairing, selling, leasing, trading, and donating may add useful life to your computer, be it in your hands or someone else’s. On the other hand, recycling, salvaging, or scrapping may bring an end to the utility of your computer.

Some computer recycling companies may have no-cost drop-off and free pickup services. The company may provide certified hard drive shredding and data destruction services with a certificate of destruction noting whether the item was reclaimed, destroyed, or recycled.

Salvaging may leave you with components that may have resale value. If you choose to scrap, you may be paid for your collection of scraps. Computer circuit boards may contain gold, copper, aluminum, silicon, lead, tin, iron, and plastic that may be recycled, reducing the strain on the need for raw materials.

E-Waste Damages

The amount of e-waste, waste from discarded electronics, has steadily increased. E-waste that is not disposed of properly may adversely affect the environment through climate change, pollution, and accumulation of waste materials in landfills. Governments have noticed the harmful effects of e-waste and enacted laws around electronics disposal, hoping that the regulations may limit toxins and carcinogens in the ground, water, and atmosphere.

Recycling Process

The recycling process allows for material reuse. Once selected for recycling, the materials may be sorted, separated by magnets, plastic stripped off, sorted by metal weight and type, melted, purified, solidified, packaged, and transported to manufacturing facilities. The recycled material may then be used to make a new product.

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