3 Ways To Enhance Backyard Privacy

If you and your family like to play, sunbathe, garden or do any other activity in your backyard, chances are you prefer a bit of privacy from the prying eyes of neighbors, people walking on the sidewalk and cars driving by. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive and easy ways to ensure that your backyard comes with the privacy you deserve. Here are three ways to enhance the privacy of your backyard. 

1. Install Fences

Putting up a fence is one of the most obvious ways to not only ensure privacy in your yard but to deter animals such as raccoons and skunks from wandering too close to your home. Wood or bamboo fences are some of the best to install for privacy, while more decorative fences include those made from wrought iron. Regardless of the material you choose, fence installation Lake County IL will make a huge difference in the ambiance of your property. 

2. Plant Shrubs

Planting and maintaining shrubs on the perimeter of your backyard may take a little more time and effort than installing a fence would, but shrubs are a nice option if you want to increase greenery in your surroundings. Shrubs can be trimmed into a wide variety of shapes and sizes depending on your needs and preferences. There are even shrubs that come with flowers if you prefer something a bit more colorful. 

3. Plant Trees

If you live someplace that is surrounded by buildings taller buildings, planting trees around your property might be more effective than implementing some other measures of privacy enhancement. Trees that grow quickly and provide a lot of shade are the best for ensuring privacy, and these trees include such species as northern red oak, eastern white pine and crepe myrtle. 

Consider one of these three options if you are want to have more privacy in your backyard. 

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