Tips for Hiring a High-Quality Contractor

If you have a home or business that needs an upgrade, you may be looking for a contractor. As you search for local contractors, such as “licensed general contractors Lexington KY,” consider the following tips.

Research Candidates

If you know people who have recently had some remodeling work done on their properties, you may ask them who their contractor was. You may also ask architects and real estate professionals who they would recommend.

However, you should do additional research on your list of contractors. For example, review their website to view their credentials and association memberships. Then, verify them. Check with your local chamber of commerce and the Better Business Bureau to ensure the contractors have a good reputation and no outstanding complaints.

Contact the Contractors

Your next step may be to contact the contractors. Ask about the types of projects they do regularly. You should also discuss their time availability. Their staff and other resources should also be reviewed. You want to be sure your contractor has the assets and time to handle your project. Also, ask about their specializations.

Don’t forget to verify their licensing, certifications and insurance. Ask for references and a list of remodels they have completed recently. Then, check these sites for ideas and to ensure the contractor can meet your needs and provides high-quality work.

Finally, find out about the people who will be completing the work in your building. Will the job be subcontracted out or include subcontracted labor, or will the contractor handle the work? Make sure everyone who works on your project is licensed and insured.

Look Over the Contract

Request project bids from multiple contractors. Then, review the bids and the contract you receive from each. The contract should be very specific about what you want and the price you will pay. It should include start and finish dates as well as drawings of the completed work.

If you plan to remodel your home or building, consider hiring a contractor with an extensive reputation for high-quality, timely work.

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